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The big idea is to secure land and save it.

Save it from over-development, from over-use and from the unnecessary addition of chemical inputs.

To keep the land in the hands of regular people and not big corporations.

To provide working people with living wages in a way that restores the land and values our natural heritage.

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In our biggest cities, we should build up.

Our forest and country land should remain in wide open spaces for future generations to enjoy.

We need these space to grow food and our imaginations. We need these spaces to relax, to reflect, to unwind. We need these spaces to rebuild, to construct and to grow. We must have places left in our nation where city folk can imagine themselves stretching out and reconnecting with the land and where rural people feel at home and can teach the skills that once sustained us.

A place where nature is first. Where land is wide open and where all people can dream big. A place where everyone, regardless of the background, can feel at home, can know how to thrive and can build the future they want to see.

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I make Art; live on a Permaculture farm. I am focused on small business and local politics. And write about all of it.